Iraqi/U.S. Art Initiative

Delaware Art Museum
Outlooks Gallery

2301 Kentmere Parkway
Wilmington, Delaware 19806 USA
Ph. 302 571-9590 

March 29, 2008 – May 4, 2008

The Bridge of Hope exhibition is guest curated by Rosemary Lane of Delaware, Coordinator of ICAN, who invited the US artwork. The Iraqi works were chosen by Lamia Talebani of Baghdad, a founding member of ICAN and an Iraqi artist.  Most of the Iraqi works were brought to the US through Jordan by Claudia Lefko of Massachusetts, an ICAN founding member. 

During a difficult time, the extraordinary efforts by the members of ICAN,  together with  the Iraqi and US Artists, have brought this timely and  quality exhibition into being. This exhibition features over two and a half dozen works, ranging from commentary on current events to the abstract, by nine Iraqi and  nine American artists. 


ICAN International Cultural Arts Network
International Cultural Arts Network
The formation of the International Cultural Arts Network (ICAN) grew out of the 2006 Global Peace Initiative of Women Iraq-US Summit:Creating a  Common Dialogue  in New York City. 
This organization  has  initiated  working relationships and collaborations between Iraqi and American artists. The purpose of ICAN is to engender hope, transcend barriers, and foster goodwill between our countries.