Iraqi Artist
Lamia Jamal Talebani
International Cultural Arts Network
Bronze, 27”h x 8”w x 9”d
My work is my political diary written in bronze. Through my work, I realize my contribution to the continuous struggle against oppression and exploitation. My sculptures are my weapons to the continuous struggle for justice and equality. With my sculptures, I express my anger, belief and hope. When I finish my sculpture, it becomes a vehicle for the transmission of my ideas to the viewer so they may go away with the strength to keep on. Through my work, I stimulate thoughts and possible action, not prescribing to others what they should believe. This is what I expect my work to do.
From early childhood to the present, I have been exposed to a variety of political influences that informed me with a deeper knowledge of major political struggles. This encouraged me to use my art as a weapon in those struggles, so that I have devoted my creative career to a critical view of social and political life.